Best Curve Fitting the HP-67 ?


Does a program exist for HP67/HP97 that calculates the Best Curve Fitting ?




maybe that's what you are looking for:

"HP-67 Business Decisions Pac", Prog. #17 (p. 17-1 ff.)

It's on the DVD.

Best regards

Peter A. Gebhardt





Better yet: "Curve Fitting". It's in the HP-67 "Standard Pac" that came with the calc.



The Standard Pac routine seems a little bit closer to what gileno is looking for than the Business Pac routine.

I suspect what gileno really was asking about is a program that pick pics the best fit automatically from a list of possibilities (linear, exponential, power, logarithmic) based on the highest r-value. The HP41 Advantage Pac routine CFIT can do this. In the HP67 routine in question, and in the HP41 Stat Pac curve fitting, one must do each fit manually then compare r-values and pick the one you want. That said, there MUST be enough registers even in the HP67/97 to keep track of all of the necessary sums besides those collected in the stats registers.


HP 67 curve fitting - example program


Gene, that is verbatim the routine from the Standard Pac. What it is missing is what Gileno wants--namely, something that chooses the BEST fit from the four options just by the user entering the data and letting the program do the work.

I think there may be a way to modify the HP67 program to allow for the "best" option provided in the Advantage Pac CFIT program.



I just sent a couple of emails with the pages of Gary Tenzer's PPC Journal articles on curve fitting to you using the HP 67/97.



1000 x thanks


Feel free to send the e-mail to me as well :)




Ok, I emailed the .gif files of those pages to Les.

Geir, I sent you an email asking you to email me at another address and I will forward them to you.

They all come from the 1978-1979 PPC Journal articles written by Gary Tenzer.

These are on Jake Schwartz' CD ROM scans of these journals.

Alternatively, you can get them at TOS very easily too.




Me, too!


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