Pipe Sliderule Program (PSR)


Years ago there was a pipe flow program that was keyed into the HP45 by hand. This was in a publication that had a number of different hand keyed programs. I am hoping someone out there still has a copy of this program they could send me. Email bobh@nasland.com or fax to 858-571-3241. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.



Do you mean the HP-41 and not the HP-45? I remember that the Hydraulics Solution Book for the HP-41 had something like that. My copy is boxed away, but there should be a copy on the archive disks available from this site.

Also, which equation are you interested in: Hazen-Williams, Mannings, Darcy, etc? I actually wrote my own series of programs using the interchangable solution model used for Time Value of Money. Unfortunately, none are in publishable format, and all are also boxed away. However, depending on what you are looking for i could dig out what I have and send it to you.



Fred, I just noticed I did not answer your question. Typically I use Mannings equation for part-full pipe flow calculations. While I have several options for doing these calculations, I would like to see if the HP 35s can be programed with PSR. I am also thinking I might be able to use the PSR program as a guide in creating a pipe flow routine in Excel.

My profession is civil engineering.

Thanks again.

Bob Haynes


Yes, you are correct. It was the HP 41, not the HP 45. Please do email or fax a copy of the PSR (Pipe Sliderule) program when time permits. Fax is 858-571-3241. email bobh@nasland.com.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Bob Haynes
San Diego



I have a PSR for Mannings with open channel flow in a pipe. I also have one for rectangular/triangluar/trapezoidal channels. I will dig around and try to find them. I'm a civil engineer also, getting near 30 years of experience.


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