50G solving simultaneous equations with fraction coefficients


Hello all,
I am trying to solve (numerically) simultaneous equations that contain fractions as coefficients. I am using NUM.SLV > solve lin systems. However, on the matrix editor, I am unable to enter fractions as coefficient. What puzzles me more is that the matrix editor, when not in 'solve lin systems' menu, DOES let me enter fractions when I do 'a/b'... It's kind of annoying to convert all the fractions to decimals. Is there any way around this? Thanks a lot..


The lin sys solver solves a matrix system, A*x=B.

Just type the A and B matrices without using the numeric solver.

Make sure the calculator is in exact mode.

Use the matrix editor, MTRW, to enter the B matrix. Leave it on the stack. Enter the A matrix which will then be on the stack below the B matrix. Press the divide key. Problem solved.



If you are trying to enter fraction elements in the Matrix Writer, you have to set the 50G in RPN mode, enter the matrix editor and input the fraction as a division. For instance, if your matrix has a row like 1/2, 3/8 and 5/16, you just type
1 [spc] 2 [/] [ENTER]
3 [spc] 8 [/] [ENTER]
5 [spc] 16 [/] [ENTER]
The Matrix Writer will perform the division and put the fraction in the matrix as a real number.

Hope this helps.


Contact our support department. They may help you out on this matter. I know there is an example of SLE on the site but the coefficients are either decimals or fractions. They may have a solution to this problem. Owner.

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