what about Qonos?



Does someone know what happened to mr. Jean Yves Avenard project?

Is it still in project or will never see the light??





According to my observations, Qonos died like OpenRPN. Your first link is from 2005 or early 2006, the second from 2007, but only posting old information - no updates. Maybe Qonas passed away a bit later than OpenRPN, but both are dead anyway. Or does anybody see any life signals still? :-/

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From their webpage, the following info is available:


Qonos is a Hydrix self-funded R&D exercise and proof-of-concept project.

The intent of the Qonos project was to investigate and prototype the business and technical requirements of a scientific PDA, of which there are none available on the current PDA market.

From the exploration of the business concept, a successful prototype was created as well as a robust software platform and hardware infrastructure which can be reused for any future handheld device development.

Qonos provided the Hydrix team with an opportunity to exercise their highly-sought-after skills in the area of calculator and handheld device technologies, embedded mathematics and complete product design.

Consequently Hydrix demonstrated effectively and within one device our capabilities and innovation techniques to a number of interested clients and investors.

To read more about the Qonos prototype go to our Knowledge page.


Jean Yves Avenard still seems to be pretty active in forums. Google for >> "Jean Yves Avenard" 2008 <<

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Peter A. Gebhardt

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This is no contradiction to message #2 so far :(



it was "a proof-of-concept project" - so I didn't (don't) expect it to become realized in a somewhat identical product (In German we say "Technologieträger").

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Peter A. Gebhardt



of course you're right. Nacho's original question was, however,

Is it still in project or will never see the light??

Though it might have been a successful project up to prototype stage (as documented), I assume it "will never see the light" of becoming a product sold to us. Thus, I don't expect any short term profit for us :(

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