FAKE HP Labels being sold on eBay



Just wanted to let others know that FAKE labels are being sold on eBay. These are for the HP-67. The seller also sells calculators so beware that you might get a fake label.

He is clearly labeling these as non-HP and may always disclose this when selling a calculator but all of these calculators might wind up in the system again and will or may have FAKE labels with no notice.

Anyone who has purchased a calculator from this seller should check their calculators to see if they have FAKE labels.

These are going to pollute the supply of HP calculators. It will encourage owners to remove pretty good labels and replace these with FAKE labels. BAD policy.

He is trying to encourage people to replace older labels with statements like this:

He says:
"... improve the appearance of the calculators is really the same as fixing the Gummy Wheel"

It is NOT at all the same. This is from someone that is not a collector.


The text is generally thicker than an original HP label.

You will notice the text "US Values Chosen" at the footnote at the bottom. The small cross to the left of US points to the between the two '4's, in the conversion above, on the fake label.

On an original label, it points just to the left side of the '8'.

Also, the 'U' in "Made in USA", is directly below the '=' sign on an original label. On the fake, the 'S' is below the '=' and slightly to the left.

On the original Singapore model the 'G' in SINGAPORE is very slightly to the left of the '=' key.

So, the label, fortunately is poorly made. (see photo)

If you do find that he has sold you a FAKE label on a calculator, post it here so others will be warned.

NOTE: I show a USA version label and a SINGAPORE label but the comparrisons were made against USA versions as well so the discrepancy is not because two different types of labels are shown. That was just to show the alignment of the Singapore version as well.


Thanks for showing the cheating.

So my thoughts were not mere suppositions.




May the calculator Gods condemn the phoney label maker to eternal d*mnation!!!


I used to feel like HP collectors were kind of superior or at least more trustworthy than others because there didn't seem to be any fakes or scams around. My more cynical side always thought that they would appear once prices got high enough. It looks like my cynical side was right. In the past everyone I bought from was another collector but now there are quite a few dealers who have no personal interest in HPs. There's nothing wrong with that but I think it may be easier for them to basically do whatever it takes to make more money.

Maybe I'm being too cynical because no one has tried to sell one of these as real (I think) but I assume it's only a matter of time.

Be careful...

I suppose the next step is repainting keys and duplicating ROMs to make a rare model out of an easy one. I hope the prices are still too low to make that feasible.


Would be fake boxes. You can make pretty decent ones on a color copier and heavy stock yet some of them add huge value to a calculator. They'll probably be sold for the legitimate (?) reason of making your personal collection look complete at a low price, but I guarantee that some people will scuff them up a bit and sell them as originals. You can already see this kind of stuff going on elsewhere.

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