Happy stuffing (envy) !


Hi HHC participants,

Enjoy the Stuffing Party! I'd love to join you for sure :-/ Hope for lots of good news from this conference, catching the spirit of Corvallis.

Best regards,



Hi HHC participants,

the Corvallis conference must have been a really *breathtaking* experience ;) As soon as you'll have caught breath again, many curious forum folks from far, far away (CFFFFFA) would like to hear from you. Please *share* (remember Kindergarten?) the news!

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Give 'em a day or two to get home 1st ;)


Got home (Detlef was right - it takes a long time for some of us) and still catching my breath. HP talked to us - largely about the HP20b and what can be done with it. Enthusiastic users talked to each other about everything from real-life applications to abstract mathematics. Former HP employees from the Corvallis calculator group talked to us - Sharon Butterfield, the lady whose desk and two filing cabinets were filled with money from early HP-35 orders (because no-one had decided what to do with hard cash from direct sales as opposed to company orders) told us some stories from those days. Diana Byrne, Jim Donnelly, Charlie Patten and Megha Shyam among others were with us. History was recalled and made. Watch this space for details of next year's HHC!



Glad you got home safely. It was nice to meet you again, a couple of decadas after that computer fair with the late PPC-Paris group in Paris back in the Eighties! Hopefully, we'll meet again before the next quarter century is up :-)

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