voltage of 9114B disk drive


I would like to bypass the battery and associated circuit in the battery plastic case. What DC voltage and current should I feed to the 9114B battery pack (with the innards removed)? A transformer that supplies 6V DC with 2A current?



Hello Gonzalo,
You need 6V and 2A. You can download this file:
This is the 9114 repair manual.

Best regards.
Iñigo Rodriguez (Spain)



Page 3 section d, E.g.:


thank you very much!


Does it take the same battery pack as the Thinkjet printer? When my battery pack went out and I saw what they wanted for a new one, I wasn't about to pay their price. Until I could make my own power supply, just for kicks I put a 9V battery on there. It worked, but after about six full pages the battery could no longer deliver enough current, even though it was still virtually new for other applications. I made a 7.8V regulated power supply. It cost me fifty cents. I had everything I needed except one of the diodes, and that diode was fifty cents. I used the printer with that power supply for many years.


Hi Garth,

To your question, the answer is no.

Thinkjet printer battery pack is build usng 6 NiCd in series (7.2v nominal) of the same type you can find in any 41/71 peripheral battery pack.

Batteriy packs for 9114A/B use a 6v Lead-Acid batery.



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