Help! (Programming HP 39gs)


I'm a high school student right now in a Pre-Calculus course. We have to program the Quadratic formula into our calculators. My problem is that the curriculum is based on the Texas Instruments.

I have checked the manual, the HP website, and numerous friends. And am still having trouble.

I don't know how to input the raw commands into the calculator to form the program.

I need a dummy-proof step by step walk through.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Go here:

39gs learning modules

You know have two approaches:

Approach 1: Use the built-in aplet on the 39gs called the quadratic explorer. It is shown in the PDF file for the working with aplets learning module. I highly recommend going this approach.

Approach 2:

Download the PDF file for the solving equations learning module.

Read through the module once downloaded.

Then go back and instead of entering the example shown on page 2 of the module (the example shown is v^2 = u^2 - 2ad), key in your quadratic equation. If the quadratic equation you're needing to solve is x^2 + 5x - 6 = 0, then key in the equation and leave out the "= 0" portion.

Continue through the example in the learning module using the quadratic equation you entered.

Should be good to go.

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