20b Firmware Update


Hi Cyrille,

are there plans to provide customers with unmodified 20bs with a way to update the firmware?

When I look at the back of the calc, I see the serial contacts in a kind of socket. It should be possible to create a USB serial cable that plugs directly into the calculator. A software update is then only a download and a few keystrokes away.


I doubt that HP will provide an update, since it's beyond the means of the target audience to update the firmware, however that hasn't stopped enterprising developers. ;-)

Check out this pile of information:

HP 20b Wiki



I've heard that the SDK comes with Firmware different from what is loaded by default. And there are bugs to correct!


True in both cases. Although, I'm not sure the firmware differs much in operation. There was some discussion about that on the wiki. Bugs to fix would be one of the cool ways to show the value in repurposing this calc.


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