12c for iPhone full version available


The price is $10, which may be a bit steep to some unless you really love simulators/emulators, and I do.

It works just like free version, except that persistent memory is present now and you can inspect the contents of memory by hitting the RLM logo on the bezel.

Only headache right now is that the "keys" in the bottom left seem weakly responsive at times to touch. Also, and this is a bit of a nuisance, the calc defaults with the decimal point being the comma. North Americans and Brits may find this disorienting. There seems no way to change it. On the real thing it is a matter of turning the calc on while holding the decimal point key. Can't be done here, since the interface only accepts touch input from one location at at time.

Also, the release date is give as September 4th. Is that really correct? I just discovered it tonight in the AppStore.

I have written Ricardo about the decimal point issue. I have not had a lot of use for RLM's excellent desktop emulators, but I have no problem supporting the development of these handheld versions. RLM does agree to provide updates always to paid users, and I would hope it applies to the iPhone ports as well.



RLM just replied to me. The version I download was an incomplete beta version that should not have been posted for sale and was done so erroneously by Apple. It has been pulled and the fixed version should be posted soon.



Les, not sure if you know, but I have the ipod touch with 2.0 firmware jailbroke with quickpwn (2.1 doesn't work yet). There is an update to the hp calculator emulators at http://code.google.com/p/hpcalc-iphone that I installed through the Cydia installer. The update is great. All four voyagers (11c 12c 15c 16c) are available within just one application, complete with the hp logo, (so this version will never appear in Apple's App store.) and the back of each calculator (plus some physical constants).

If this is old news, ignore.


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That's new news to me but frankly I have been a little too timid to foray into jailbreaking. I have upgraded to 2.1 and I like it--I seem to get better battery life and the Mail application seems less fussy.


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