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A blog in the shadow of the AIG takeover says the CEO is leaving with 91 million! Carly only got 21 million -- really not in the big leagues!


91E6 for overwhelming successful management? Then it must fit, since Carly got her 21E6 for her success in that field for sure ;)


A column by Roger Simon in today's issue of the Asheville Citizen-Times offers the following quote from Warren Buffet

They say in the stock market ... ... buy stock in a business that's so good that an idiot can run it because sooner or later one will.

Even worse than an idiot is an attorney or an MBA. Someone, I can't remember who, noted that attorneys and MBA's don't generate wealth, they just move wealth around.



If only MBAs were taught beyond the craze for short-term return on investment... No lasting value, no need fulfilment, or quality.

Their only care is profit, achievable via layoffs, relocating jobs to Third World countries...

Hell must be receinving lots of MBAs these days.


It is clear to me that bean counters were responsible for destroying the calculator division of HP. They lost their customer base and gave the field too competitors due to a short term approach. It happens in the best companies, the usual excuse is "I have stockholders to answer to." Management must take a longer view if a company is to stay on top of it's game.


Management must take a longer view if a company is to stay on top of it's game.

There is little evidence that a management made up of MBA's and attorneys is capable of that. The kind of management that is capable of that is one made up of what are called entrepreneurs. People like Hewlett, Packard, Wozniak, etc.

On tonight's 60 Minutes program John McCain steadfastly refused to consider raising the tax rate on even the highest incomes. Here's a couple of questions:

Could any tax rate be too high on Carly's golden parachute?

Could any tax rate be too high on the golden parachutes for the CEO's of the taken over financial companies?


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