i41CX+ 1.0.1 Available


Anthony Lagana wrote me this morning to let me know. For some reason it wasn't showing up automatically as an update but AppStore did let me download it for free.

The various printer issues have been fixed. Anthony has pinpointed the cause of the Math/Stat module issue, and apparently this applies to other "compound" modules too. He is hoping to have this fixed for 1.1 within the next week or so, and we should also see a facility to remove unwanted downloaded MOD or program files from the lists in question.

I didn't ask Anthony if the Math/Stat module issue will, when resolved, permit use of HEPAX. I should pose the question when I write him back.

I eagerly encourage iPhone and iPod touch users to support this excellent bit of software.



I eagerly encourage iPhone and iPod touch users to support this excellent bit of software.

And, every individual that help create it. i41CX+ is based on Nonpareil.

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