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By R.L.M. Software.

Where are the 15c, 16c, 10c, 11c emulators? :-)


I am sure the other versions are on the way.

I am looking forward to a paid version of this App, and it would be really nice if there is some way RLM's lifetime membership could applied to ALL of their iPhone/iTouch emulators once they become available. I haven't purchased one but it would be a good deal in this case. RLM would have to arrange something with Apple, I suspect.

12c Lite lacks persistent memory. This is no big hassle, unless you are one of the few people to program the thing. However, this would hobble the usefulness of a 15c or 11c emulator. 11c Lite and 15c Lite may not be as appealing, especially if you spend a half hour keying in a long program only to lose it when you close out the app.

Maybe in time RLM will release all of their fully functioning Voyageur emulators to the AppStore for one low cost.

Cosmetically, 12c Lite is very attractive, but I wish that they would replace the rather ugly RLM badge with an HP12C badge, unless because of trademark they can't



I can't presume to speak for them, but unless they want to enter a world of pain, they won't put an HP logo on it. Thomas and I certainly aren't putting an HP logo on ours. It's starting to seriously aggravate me that Apple hasn't approved our apps.


I can't presume to speak for them, but unless they want to enter a world of pain, they won't put an HP logo on it. Thomas and I certainly aren't putting an HP logo on ours. It's starting to seriously aggravate me that Apple hasn't approved our apps.

HP logo, Apple device, world of pain--yeah, I get it now.

I am sorry to hear of the great hassles seemingly involved in getting apps approved and put on the AppStore. After moving to a Mac for a much better computing experience (which for the most part it has been), I am learning of a groundswell of disgruntlement that seems to approach and maybe threaten to exceed the years of resentment directed at Microsoft. Apparently open-source development is more difficult, you can't choose your own hardware to run the OS, that hardware is more expensive, and I of course must wince a little to realize that my iPods were shipped to me directly from a land in the East not known for its treatment of working people or the environment, and all the while billionaire Steve Jobs unassumingly presents himself to the marketplace as the very essence of socially responsible hipness that has been the cachet of Macintosh for years ;)

That all said, it will be nice to see Nonpareil and Free42 on an iPod touch, and I hope it happens soon. These emulators/simulators perform so well in other environments, it will be nice to have other alternatives to the excellent i41CXp. Something worth spending money for.



It doesn't even matter that it's an Apple device. A third party can't use an HP logo without permission even for software that runs on HP hardware.


Eric, in RLM's PC and Mac-based simulators, the HP logo is preserved.




When you say "our apps", is it safe to say you have ported Nonpareil to the iPhone? (I gather Thomas is working on a Free42 port).

And if above is true, and as the iPhone port would be OSX related, did you happen to team up with Maciej Bartosiak, or did you go at it alone? Just wondering.




I have been away for some months and I didn't want to appear clueless by asking something that was already commonly known in the community, but since it is out there I might as well ask:

What is the status of a iPhone/iPod touch ports for Nonpareil and Free42? I imply from Eric's comments a Nonpareil submission has been made to the AppStore.

As for Free42, all I could find on Googling was a comment Thomas made in the spring of this year suggesting that not much was happening there. But that was a few months ago, and I haven't written Thomas directly about anything in months, though we have communicated quite regularly in the past about some of the inner workings of Free42.

Free42 for PalmOS has for three years been my favourite handheld calculator simulator and I would be elated to see it on the iPhone. I am keen to see what Nonpareil looks like, too. I don't have the Linux savvy to get the source code to compile under Ubuntu, and my Windows executable is an older version.

Considering how much I have spent on my calculator hobby for the past two years, eight bucks for i41CX+ is a bargain, and I likely would have spent more. The same applies to ports of Nonpareil and Free42.

As for 12c lite, Ricardo of RLM replied to my query and advised me in so many words that due to Apple's rigidity bundling RLM software is not going to happen. This means that the RLM lifetime subscription many folks here may have will not apply to the iPhone releases. He says that a fully functioning 12c Classic paid version is in the AppStore approval process, and that we may see 10BII, 11C, 12C Platinum in a couple of months. I am hopeful for a 15C emulator fairly soon too--my real one is in near mint condition and I barely use it ;)

If anyone can enlighten me regarding Free42 and Nonpareil for iPhone, I would be eager to hear it.


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