HP50G Emulator


I using the HP50G emulator on an normal screen. This works great.
I have a laptop with a hight op 600 pixcels. The emulator will not fit on the screen. Is there a script that avoid this problem.

Thank in advance

Jan Kromhout


Click the View Menu, Select: Change KML Script, Select: HP 50g 800x600, Click OK.



But still I miss the last row of the emulator on the window of the emulator!

Is there no emulator for the HP50G like the HP49G "Special HP49G-wide and glowing"?

Thanks in advance

Jan Kromhout


It is just an image and a text KML script. Create your own.


The default XP theme has really fat title bars. Just drag it up as far as you can past the top edge of your screen. If you can't drag it far enough, click the upper left corner, pick Move and use the arrow keys to move it as high as you need. Otherwise you'll have to create your own or modify the existing script and image as others have suggested, which is tedious.

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