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This morning I decided I needed a new browser. Guess what. my favorite site is providing a new one, Google.com/chrome . It takes a bit to find out how to set text sizes, you have to click on the page symbol for each new page to set it. You make tabs by calling your old sites and moving the address into the tab area. Magic. You can have several tabs active at once. I'm getting spelling underlines in this box I never saw before. Sam


It is only available for Windows so I will continue to use Firefox on my MacBook ...


If you can't wait for an official release:
Build Instructions (Mac OS X)


I've downloaded chrome. Nice find, Sam.



Just be a little cautious - there's a security vulnerability in it, inherited from an old version of WebKit (which it uses as its HTML rendering engine.

See http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/security_flaw_in_google_chrome.php for details.


--- Les



I'd say another 'security vulnerability' is the browser itself, since it comes from Google.

Seems noone is aware of the fact that the Google browser wasn't made to protect your personal data,

but rather to make it even easier for Google to get your surfing profile (and your personal data)...

As a serious alternative, I'd recommend K-Meleon (Windows). And there are browsers for non-Win platforms (Gealon, etc)



a) This build has a serious "carpet bomb"/Java exploitable bug in it.
b) This build transmits an individual "Chrome ID" to Google servers each time you enter an URL. Google might be able to link their ads / your gmail account and your webbrowsing into one nice set of data. Be sure to ask your employer if this is OK with him 8)

I'd suggest to wait for a revised version without the WebKit bug and disabled "Chrome ID" - probably this version will only be available as a 3rd party binary. (Unless you "fix" the source by yourself and compile it by yourself...)

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