how do I make user defined functions?


I am trying to define several functions for a class i'm taking. for simplicity, lets say i want to make the function y=x^2...
so, i define 'y(x)=x^2' and then DEFINE...
so far so good.
i can put a number on the stack, and use my new function called "y" on it, and get the results back on the stack... hooray!

but, there's a problem. i cannot use this function effectively in equation editor. for example, if i were to hit SIN in equation editor, i get SIN(_), (with my cursor placed where the underscore is.)
with my function, all it does it put the name of the function in the middle of the screen, which really doesn't do me much good. (eg: y_, with the underscore representing the cursor, once again)

is there a way to make my user-defined functions behave like the built-in functions with respect to the equation editor?


you have to put the parenthesis ( ) there yourself
you want to progran your function in SysRPL


And there's really no way around that?

Sorry to respond with such an inane question, but it seems like there must be some way to get that functionality using user rpl?

Anyway, thanks very much for such a speedy response!


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