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Found this video being the right *heavy* stuff for this audience, probably d8)


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If you prefer astronomy to physics, try this one .

If you need help on the inside jokes, let me know!


Thanks for your link. You may have noticed, however, both videos pushing in different directions: for my humble physical mind, there's an observatory blues on one side and an explanation of an upcoming exciting experiment in high energy physics on the other side. The author of the Hadron Rap is a science journalist who is, IMHO, doing a very good job with her show. But it's looking forward, not back on heritage, it's an event in Europe, not the USA, and it's a bit exotic for sure, all of which may explain the low resonance here to some extent ;)

BTW, I personally prefer physics, but astronomy is a part of it. Anyway, it all comes from mathematics ... so we're in topic again :)

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Walter, Dave

Thanks for the links which have brightened up a grey, wet, windy night here in Scotland!


Today the protons start running around in the LHC...


They covered that on my local news this morning. Of course, a major focus of the story was that some are predicting that the LHC will create miniature black holes that will suck the earth into oblivion.


The LHC will obviously create a black hole in the form of a monolith, which will suck the earth to the other side of the universe ...

Truthfully, the 70's series by Carl Sagan which involved particle physics and CERN as well triggered my interest in physics, and that was the mean reason I went to study physics (and a bit of astronomy). Of course, that was only an excuse to obtain the HP21, 25 and 41 (in that order) and indirectly the reason why I am still hanging around the forum. So this is not so OT after all!



Meindert's monoliths are created everyday in the upper atmosphere, where extraterrestrial high energy protons collide with earthbound protons headon - with energies exceeding the LHC energies by far. So for a few billion years, the earth is sucked every day ... but Swiss black holes are of course going to be of extreme quality d;)

BTW, in a local radio broadcast there was a comment today: "... The earth will not be sucked by the LHC experiments. If it will, however, mankind may (for a very short time) happily notice it will not be doomed by forces abusing military power nor by pursuing extra monetary profit nor by shear stupidity, but while striving for scientific cognition. What a happy death."

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LHC Compact Muon Solenoid Experiment Webcams



Wait a minute - I see something dark coming over the horizon!?!?!?!?

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