Silk scarf made for Friden


I have an old scarf that was made in France (I suspect by Hermes) for Friden. It shows an ancient print of Pascal with words (in French) "Pascal invents first calculator". Is this a desirable collectible and how I would attempt to sell it, if I decide to do so. Thanks....


If you fold it diagonally, you've got Pascal's triangle, eh?

Actually, it sounds like a nice item. Personally, I'd first try to search eBay's "Completeed Items" for a similar piece. (In fact, I just did -- no match on "friden scarf" or "calculator scarf" -- Plenty of "silk scarf" hits, with occasional sales price up to $90.00 & beyond, but most lower.)

If you try to sell on eBay, make sure you get a good digital image, and poke around a bit to see how things work. (Caveats, requirements, descriptions, payment, etc.) You might want to establish an account and sell a few lesser items first, to build a bit of a reputation and get the hang of things.

Finally, if you do offer it on eBay, it possibly has special value to potential buyers in the "tech/nerd/calculator" community, so advertise your eBay offer appropriately.

Other, more experienced eBay sellers may wish to add their comments. (There must be some "how to" articles and books regarding eBay selling available on the Web and at the library or Barnes & Noble, etc.)


Is it RPN? :-)

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