hp-67 Battery Pack


My hp-67 battery pack is dead. How do you put new batteries (cells) in the plastic battery pack? and what kind of batteries work best (recommended)? Is there some wiring that is required on the battery terminals prior to installation back into the plastic holder?


The battery pac was not designed to have user replaceable cells, but it can be done. The case must be split along its seams (no easy task), and the 3 AA Ni-Cd cells replaced with equivalents available from several battery outlets. The versions that have pre-soldered lugs are essential, and obtain them soldered together if possible. I have used battery packages that were designed for the AT&T 9120 Cordless phone. The outside plastic covering must be ripped off, but the batteries inside are already soldered in the proper configuration. WARNING! Do not get the polarity reversed. Something may get fried when the calc attempts to charge the battery.


Radio Shack has the required AA nicads with solder tabs. They are working in my 67.

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