MCODE - anyone interested in a searchable VASM pdf?



Playing with MCODE I would love the ability to search for a certain function or label in the VASM listings. Alas, the currently available pdfs are images only :-(

So I'm toying with the idea of getting the VASMs scanned and OCR'ed. I got some quotes and the results are quite good actually. See a sample page here (CLKEYS function, first page)

However the cost is 'a bit' prohibitive for me alone...

Hence I'd like to get a sense of the interest in the community for such a searchable pdf. I thought that 30 Euro for the 41 OS and 20 Euro for X-Function + Printer + Cardreader would be a fair price. (I know that I definitely would pay that to get them).

Please let me know your thoughts, either here on the forum or via my email.



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OCR is not perfect and as you mention this could be costly, so what about using the forum resources by splitting the work between volunteers that would retype a few pages of code in a text format and verify a few pages entered by others?

This way we'll end up with much smaller files that anybody could play with (search, modify, recompile...)

This would need to be coordinated by someone to assign the pages to type and review, to collect the individual chunks and to build the whole listing. And of course "a few pages" needs to be quantified as well as the minimum number of volunteers to make this feasible...


There are in total about 1000 pages.

Given the time it takes to type, I think I personally would volunteer at most for 5 pages, as this has to be done very carefully.

This means we would need to coordinate 200 volunteers... On the other hand, if we get about 20 people that would want to have a searchable pdf, we can get it OCR'ed. Did you check out the sample page, I think it is pretty well searchable...




I would be interested in paying - but only if the product is then free for
all (public domain, given that there is no copyright on this original


You have the VASM for the card reader? I've been looking for that!


I think I do...


It would be great to get a scan, even if it's not searchable. Or even just a photocopy that I can scan myself.

I'd also be interested in VASM listings for the:

82143A printer
82153A wand
82242A IR printer module

and most everything else, for that matter.


Correction, no cardreader :-(

X-Functions Version 1c
Time Module
HP-IL Printer
HP-IL Cassette

my mistake, mixed it up with the service manual...

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