HP-41 Speed up - How many ways were used to switch?


I recently purchased an HP-41CX fullnut that is running at 1.8 X normal clock rate. I don't see any evidence of a speed-up modification, except for perhaps a bit of orange wire peeking out into the battery compartment from the main processor compartment. This may be from the beeper and was perhaps was not routed well after the conversion.

I have one type of speed-up conversion that used a very small push-button switch placed in the AC power supply tunnel. I've read of speed-ups that use a magnet to switch the speed between high and normal. I moved a magnet around the case, and could not affect any change in speed. I guess this mod could have been unswitchable. Does anyone know where the magnetic switch was located for those types of mods? Are there any other ways I should try to switch the speed before giving up and assuming that it is un-switchable.


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