How is the 17B rated as a collector item? I understand it doesn't use RPN. There is one on a popular auction site and it appears to be in good condition.



I'd say, not very widely collected. The business models are pretty common, and generally just used to do business calculations, as intended.


thanks, Ron, I might bid on it.



I like it because it is the "sister" to the 27s - which is my favorite HP. It has a similar user interface, similar Solver, but with a different set of functions.

I don't particularly like RPN, and that is one reason I like the 27s. But be advised that the 17b is really "chain logic", not algebraic. You can force it to algebraic by using the ( ) keys.

But I am a user, not a collector.


thanks, I appreciate the response. My new 20B has chain logic (I think) as default? It is running rpn now.


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