HP-49G Programming Tutorial



I'm looking for a programming tutorial for the HP-49G. I mean the "normal" programming not assembler, systemRPL etc. Does anyone know an Internet or printed ressource ? Any hint is very much appreciated - thank you.


A place that sells the HP49G and accessories, books, PC Connectivity kits, and more is Calcpro website www.calcpro.com. I have purchased from them several times and have had good dealings with its manager, Paul Nelson.



I still believe the best programming material for the 49 (basic User RPL, neither algebraic, nor Sys RPL) is the existing 48`s related stuff, say, User`s guide, AUR, and so. If I was not known about the 48`s usage, I thing I`d never be able to use some more of wnat is writen in the 49`s docs.

I`d search for 48`s related stuff. The HP48G AUR is a good starting point. If you are interested also in Algebraic Procedures, there are some books mentioned by Albert Graef in previous posts. There, Albert wrote: "I suggest taking a look at Urroz' books "Science and Engineering Mathematics with the HP 49G", available from http://www.greatunpublished.com/.". I`m ordering them soon, and I believe the topics in the books will mention features that would be better known before reading. That`s my feeling: knowing a bit about the 48 will help a lot using the 49.



Hi Karl-Ludwig,

A good start can be at the HP Knowledge Base site:


Some tutorials on UserRPL can be found there.

Also browse www.hpcalc.org. A lot of documentation there.

The books by Urroz are realy good. I learned a lot by reading them.



Thanks to all of you. The contribution of Arnold Steekelenburg helped most. Hope one day I can return the favour

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