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I asked a question for a salesperson that lives in Germany on if he accepts PayPal.

He answered:

"No problem, but I don´t accept Paypal. Paypal is known in Germany as a criminal company.
best regards"

That is truth?


No, I use PayPal Germany all the time.



PayPal collects fees from the seller and profits from currency exchange. Principally, it's not worse than any other bank business. IMO, PayPal Germany is the same as PayPal anywhere else, so no reason to refrain from using it here if you use it elsewhere.



That is truth?

If getting paid for providing a service is a criminal offense novadays, we all must go to jail, I'm afraid.

PayPal fees for sellers are certainly a bit on the expensive side, but far away from "criminal" yet. On the other hand, bank transfers beteen EEC countries are basically free of charge now, so many sellers either prefer not to accept PayPal or charging their fees on the buyer.

Greetings, Max

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It's not allowed to charge PayPal fees to the buyer.

As PayPal belongs to eBay, you have to pay fees four times: to publish the auction, if the item is sold, when you get paid by PayPal, and to convert the money to your local currency (if you sell worldwide). That's not far away from criminal...



Truth: PayPal offers a service for a fee. Nothing it does is criminal. If the seller doesn't like PayPal, the seller need not use PayPal's services. PayPal is a supplier of protected money-transaction services that involve bank accounts and credit cards. Small vendors who cannot get or afford credit-card services can use PayPal. Or not. I've used PayPal to make eBay and other payments as a US-based buyer for several years, to excellent effect. To call this company criminal or even near-criminal is slander, in my opinion.



there are many other people that had bad experiences with PayPal (see Although there are other comparable services like that are much cheaper than PayPal they will never be integrated into eBay for obvious reasons.

If you want to sell worldwide on eBay than there is no alternative to PayPal. Even when I'm not that happy with this service I use it because I have to. So about 8-10% of the revenue of each of my auctions goes to eBay/PayPal...




You say 8-10% of each sale goes to eBay/Paypal. If you are combining the listing and money-handling fees there, which you appear to be, it doesn't seem high to me. However, whether the fees are high or not, they clearly are not criminal, which was my point. Calling a company criminal just because you don't like their charges, which they have revealed up front, is sloppy language and it bothers me that someone would use that terminology so freely.



I think "fees too high or not" is a personal opinion. Regarding my word choice ("near criminal") you are right: it was too sloppy and too thoughtless; sometimes I tend to be too provoking in discussions. I apologize for having bothered you!

There are many different experiencies with PayPal, good ones and bad ones. But because there are no real alternatives when buying/selling on eBay we have to live with it if we like it or not.

Let's go back to discussions about HP stuff which is far more interesting. :-)

Kind Regards,


Hi Juergen,

If only you knew how much my bank have charged me for my last Ebuy in Germany, PayPal is not the one you would call a criminal. I would even have been glad to pay PayPal's fee.

France here.

The only free bank order is between my own accounts. :(




I would even have been glad to pay PayPal's fee.

eBay prohibits this specifically!

The "Single Euro Payments Area" (SEPA) project has the aim that bank transfers in Europe (in EUR) should not cost more than bank transfers inside each country. Look on wikipedia for details. Since 2008 SEPA payments should be available. Unfortunately, my Swiss bank does not yet provide such payments (perhaps because the fees are an easy way to make money). I don't know what the status is in other countries.



I would even have been glad to pay PayPal's fee.

eBay prohibits this specifically!

I know, but I doubt PayPal would have charged more than the 2.90 Euros I have been charged by my bank last week.

It seems that French banks do the same as swiss ones :(




Today I sold an item and the PayPal fees were 6.35 percent of the total amount. So your bank is cheaper than PayPal if the total amount exceeds about 45 EUR, and bank transfers are definitely more secure.

As I said before, with SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) money transfers across all EU countries (and others countries like Switzerland) should cost as much as transfers inside a single country. It seems that your bank does not yet conform to SEPA (the same problem as I have with may bank). But hopefully, this will change in the near future. Ask your bank when they will implement SEPA payments.



the auction was 20€ :(



If only you knew how much my bank have charged me for my last Ebuy in Germany...

When was this? I haven't had to pay a fee for EEC-wide money transfers (with BIC/IBAN account numbers) in the last two years or so. Zero Euros, not a single cent, neither for sending money, nor for receiving it.
But as a buyer, I prefer PayPal to be honest, because I can pay with "one click" instead of having to call up the sellers bank details and copy-pasting them into my online-banking portal, always worrying about getting something wrong or getting spyed-out by some hackers in the process.

Greetings, Max


The EU standard bank transfer using BIC/IBAN is free - in Germany. The idea (actually, the EU-wide law) is to offer the transfer "at cost", so most banks outside Germany do charge a small amount, like 5 EUR. (I have no idea why they don't charge us in Germany, maybe someone could explain this...). This rate is far lower than the SWIFT transfer (I think the standard transfer even bases on the SWIFT network), which is usually about 25 EUR per transfer.


When was this?

Last week :(

In France, International bank transfer is 2.90€ with IBAN/BIC, it is 16.90€ without IBAN/BIC.

Until last year, I was paying German Ebuys using the kind service of a German college witch was using it's own German account. Unfortunately it is not available any more :(

My online-banking portal does not allow international bank transfer.


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