SysRPL - how to start???? (50G)



I wonder what is the best way to start dwelling the wast amount of possibilities with SySRPL on a 50G?
My background in using the ordinary RPL/RPN instructions is, I think, quite solid.

I have indeed been seeing but beeing a novice it is not always that simple, as I get the impression when reading these topics.. :-), so any help would be appreciated.

Cheers, Matti


emacs, extable2, nosy
if you plan to do prtogramming in your calc
if using PC, Debug4x

documents are found on
"Programming in System RPL"


Hi V-PN!



Take a look at for some of the programs I developed while learning SysRPL on the 48GX. I don't claim they're good programs, though... And there are minor differences for the 50g, but not very troublesome.


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