HP-41 Astro ROM - Found one, what is it?


I received an HP-41 Astro ROM in a large package of HP-41 stuff that I purchased recently. It sounds like an astronomy module of some kind. The program labels are very cryptic, but then, I don't know much about astronomy.

I checked TOS, but did not find it there. The archives here only seem to include a request or two for the ROM image.


I might have a manual... It is indeed a Astronomy ROM from a survey company Elgin, Knowles & Senne


I really want a copy of the rom image for my NoV-32. And I really want the manual. Pretty please.


I can't help with the manual, I don't have one, and have never seen one.

I could make a copy using the HEPAX WRTROM command, onto 3.5" diskette, with a 9114 drive. Do you have a drive to read it with?

Is there an easier way?


Sure, e-mail me the rom image (and send it to TOS as well)


Hi all,

You'll save several intermediate steps if you use RAM2ROM utility for NoVRAM, which will generate the .ROM file(s) directly from the NoVRAM module.

You can take a look at:


... and please mail me a copy for the records.



I cannot get it to email with the method that I proposed. However I have a NoV-32 from Diego, so I can use his proposed instructions and copy it to NoV-32 RAM, and then used the PIC programmer attachment to read it into my PC. I have not done that before, but will try today.



Cool. I have yet to do just that. Please give a report on how it went.


found it (actually found 2). Now I have to find a way to a)copy it and b) get permission to post it. I'll let you know.




Thanks Peter! How many pages are in the manual?


it is a small booklet (A6 size roughly) and has 75 pages.


If you'd send me one of your copies, I'll scan it for the both of us. If you'd like a deposit to ensure its return, we can work that out.



You'd be ok with giving copies to friends under most copyright laws. I'll be your friend...


Me too!

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