MCODE - XF-Module Entry Point Symbol List



please find at below link a complete list of the symbols from the XF VASM listing. Address are there in Oct, Dec and HEX format.

Maybe this is helpful to some...



XF-VASM Symbol List

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Thanks for the list. I need to compare it with the VASM listings myself, since I am not certain if the listings are for the CX version or the normal module version. Do you know what the exact version is? This is important since I need to take the correct .ROM or .MOD file, otherwise the labels are probably meaningless.

Both are challenges for the MLDL2000 Handler, which can probably be solved by creating a seperate label file.



Just one note regarding the Oct, Dec and Hex addr.: you can use also the Excel build-in base conversion functions such as OCT2DEC and DEC2HEX for simplification.


:-) Thanks Didier, did not know them!





I think you have forgotten the labels of the 3rd 1K block (starting at page 57 of the VASM listings).The worksheet XF-Rom III is actually the 4th block (starting with XTOA).
To make it even easier for me (I will do a disassembly listing for you) if would be nice to produce a full 4 digit hex address, and a table in the format below: address first, label after that, sorted on address, one table with all the labels, not seperated in the 4 1K blocks.

0004		ADRFCH
0026 X<>ROW
0074 XROW1




Thanks Meindert for your kind offer, much much appreciated!!

1) It is the VASM for X-Function module, revision C (unfortunately I don't have revision D or the CX...)

2) I will provide the list in the format you suggested. Should the first hex digit be 0? Do you want the OCT address there as well? Maybe I just give you a second file which has the same thing but with Hex and Oct so that you can make easy comparison.

Again, thanks a lot for your kind offer, I'll post the files here (should be small) instead of the unwieldy XLS sheet...


PS: You mentioned a DFSYSTEM ROM in your other post, what is it?



I did a quick test, and the disassembly will work. Easiest is to use a leading 8 before all addresses, so I can disassemble the ROM in page 8. I need to make a small change in the MLDL2000 handler. I realized that only XQ's and GO's to a label will have the label added, while JC and JNC will always disassmble as a jump to an address. I can probably do that beginning next week, so there is no hurry to send me the file. Right now I am working on the new MLDL2000 version and my desk is cluttered with all kinds of hardware. Also I am tackling another issue in the MLDL2000 Handler.

The DFSYSTEM is my mistake. It is actually the ES41. It is one of the Eramco ROM's. It implements its own filing system, but needs an MLDL RAM page. Info (manual and ROM image) is on the TOS DVD.




:-) I can just picture your desk!

I'll carefully prepare the file and will post it here. Good luck with tracking down the bugs, I (as I think we all are) am very excited about your MLDL and its upgrades!

Cheers and thanks again!



you think you can image my desk??



Hi, please find an updated XLS at the link in my previous post as well as a simple TXT file which creates a symbol table for page 8, sorted by address for the X/F module, version 1C



X/F Version 1c Symbol List

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