Rarest HP calculator ever????


I guess the new HP Print Calc disappeared from the official HP website! Was there already one out in the market? Probably now a very, very rare collectors item.



It is still on the small and medium business site and marked as coming soon.


Go to http://www.hp.com/calculators, then click on "Home/Office" in the left column.


Thanks - this helped.
I tried it from the Home & Home office site:


There are four entries, the funniest one is this:
HP Quick Calc 3-pack

But the PrintCalc (still) misses.



here are four entries, the funniest one is this: HP Quick Calc 3-pack

Which costs 2 cents more than just buying three, one at a time! (Unless you count the colors for something)


The single one for $5.99 is out-of-stock but you may order the set of three for $17.99. That's marketing!



The strangest thing about the QuickCalc, IMNSHO, is the rating of the button cell at "0.015 mWz". Zepto is a prefix (10^-21), not a suffix, and shouldn't be combined with milli, but would if combined be equivalent to the prefix yocto (10^-24).

Doesn't anyone at HP proofread this stuff? Actually I've got experience with such things; at a past place of employment I couldn't get the marketing people to send me stuff to be proofread, because they were annoyed at how many errors I found, and apparently preferred to simply publish the incorrect information rather than take the time to correct it.


Sometimes amazing how much of a Dilbert world we find ourselves in at times!



Absolutlely true story:

In 1999 the not-for-profit I worked for "merged with" (read: "was swallowed by") the 600-lb gorilla in our field. It was either that year or the year following (I can't remember now) that . . .

. . . Around Thanksgiving time, the new company had all of its employees participate in the biannual Employee Opinion Survey. Later, the company's Christmas gift to all employees was a little travel alarm embossed with the company logo.

By New Year's Day, several of us had purchased our new Dilbert page-a-day desk calendars.

Lo and behold, my observant associate looked ahead to March (or whatever) and found a three-panel strip that went something like:

The boss is reading from a page at the conference room table:
"The results of the employee opinion survey are in.
You're all complaining about being overworked, underpaid,
unappreciated, blah, blah, blah."

Alice asks: "And your bizarre, other-worldly response will be?"

Boss: "Everyone gets a travel alarm with the company logo."

( . . . the world gets a little blurry for a while -- you feel light-headed -- disoriented -- a vague sense of unease descends . . . )

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The strangest thing about the QuickCalc, IMNSHO, is the rating of the button cell at "0.015 mWz".

A milli-Wiz is a small fraction of a Wizard as only small spells need be cast to make the QuickCalc work. For a "big" calculator like the 50g you'll likley need a whole Wizard.


Bruce, most admirable idea :) And I can confirm your 2nd statement, too ;)


Try clicking on Small & Medium Business in the right-hand column instead. That takes me to a page that lists the PrintCalc 100 under "Home & Office Calculators".

The HP web site seems very strangely organized, with multiple navigation methods that lead to different lists of the same calculators or subsets.


Try looking here

Mike T.


The aspect ratio of the displayed numerals on the PrintCalc 100 is horrible -- way too tall in proportion to width, and little space between numerals. Compare that to an original Voyager series (HP-12C, HP-15C).

I've seen that strange kind of numerical display on many cheap calculators, and have wondered why it's considered acceptable.

-- KS


The HP PrintCalc 100 (image http://h10010.www1.hp.com/wwpc/us/en/sm/WF30a/215348-215348-64232-3732526-3732523-3732649.html) is a variant of the Kinpo manufactured HP5 http://www.kinpo.com.tw/English/Calculator/hp5/hp5.html

both calculators have the same horrible aspect ratio of the numerals.

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