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There was a thread a couple weeks ago about storing/displaying our calculator collections. I found some nice small wooden tool boxes at Walmart that were marked down after Christmas. They have very nice wood and heavy hardware on the outside. Inside there is a lift-out tray (made of pressed board, lined with green felt-like stuff (faux felt?), with a wooden dowel handle) which is just the right size to fit many models. Below the tray there is room for AC adapters, cases, manuals etc.

The tray holds four Classics or Spices or 41's side by side. It looks like it would hold five Woodstocks. Voyagers fit four abreast and two high with their cases. You can do the same with Pioneers but you have to take them out of the case and can then stack the cases with the calculators. That gives a very good idea of the size of the tray.

All the AC adapters I have (US types) fit in the bottom with their prongs pointing up with plenty of clearance for the tray. Most of my manuals fit one way or the other. For instance, Pioneer manuals fit with the spine to the front, Voyager manuals with the spine to the side. Unfortunately, 41 manuals are a tight fit. But the 41 really needs another solution because of all the accessories.

The only thing is, seeing how popular tools are at pawn shops, if my house is robbed, they'll probably take the boxes and then throw away the calculators!


Hi, Ellis.

Is there a way to show these boxes? Say, is there a site to holst the pictures (will you take some for us?), maybe Dave`s guest place, so we can see them?

I believe they are as you describe, I would like just to have a look (I`m somewhat far from Walmart...)



I thought that WalMart was EVERYWHERE... just like $tarBuck$


I don't have a website (although I think I am entitled to one through my ISP) but I will take a picture and email it to you. I need to look in to setting up my own site.

As Paul Harvey says, "you'll never have a better neighbor ... than WalMart"

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