Our dear friend ;)


Our dear friend coburlin is restarting his old methode: He changes auction contents just before the ending of a hopeless auction: I followed a HP-48 application card that suddenly turns into a HP-11C auction. Last week i followed another unit as well that changed 24h before its end...

Quiet amusing... ;)


Why does he do that? I've seen him do it before and never understood it. Is it a way to circumvent losing listing fees? If so, ebay probably prohibits it.

Something else coburlin does is list an item that is not complete, but not disclose that it is not complete, and instead list it at a "Buy it Now" price that is so high it suggests that it is complete.

Sellers selling at especially high prices have an even greater responsbility to be forthright and not withhold material information from buyers. The Golden Rule applies here too, in addition to ebay's policies on disclosing all material information on the item.

My disclosure: My Ebay ID is kctongo.

Dan Grelinger

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