Norway's largest(?) HP-collection up in smoke


Yesterday the building where FreeCode is located (my company) was burnt to the ground. Nothing left but ashes. All business data was saved (we follow the Best Practice Framework ITIL in all its glory :). The fire departments saved all our servers.

See the pictures here:

My own office is seen in flames in the big picture.

No people got hurt, the business is suffering much less than one could fear. But, my collection went up in smoke. It may have been the biggest collection in Norway. Gone.

As I posted earlier, my collection will be aired on Norwegian national TV next month. I will be sitting in front of the TV with a handkerchief ready.

However; The joy of collecting HP calculators is the game of collecting HP calculators, not having a collection. So - my game is revived; Now I have another 8 years of collecting in front of me. It is really not all that bad :)

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My condolences. My collection suffered a similar fate last September when my house burned. I did manage to salvage a few that were protected from water/smoke damage but lost a lot of classics that are no longer made..


That's a real pity! My condolences, too. Do you own this company, since you had your collection there in the office?


Yes, I am a major share holder.


Sorry to hear about your company and your collection. I hope your company can bounce back quickly into business so you can start buying HP collectibles.




It is very sad news. I wish you success reviving your business and ultimately rebuilding your HP collection.

hpnut in Malaysia


I sympathize Geir. Good to hear you're looking forward to re-building it!



My condolences, too. For me this would be also a nightmare, as the best assurance could not bring back any calculator. Wish you all the best with your company and as well collecting HPs.
However, it luckily seems we do not loose you in this forum and as a member of the HP community.

Best regards,


Oh, I will for sure be around :)

My primary device was at home and well (an HP-41CX with accessories - NoV-32, lots of modules, printer, cassette drive, card reader, wand). The HP-41 should receive more attention on as there are less calcs to spread focus on.

As for the business, I believe this well be no more than a road bump.
We are a resilient group. To be honest, the day of the fire was action-packed and quite exciting. And there are always positives; We can now get an even more homogeneous interior style (furnitures/painings etc), everything will be tidy in our new place, the staff are really bound together (better than a usual kick-off), lots of lessons learned (we have set up an internal wiki page for just that).

So... :-)


Dear Geir,

Please accept my sympathies on such a terrible fire accident and loss of your(our-> HP Calculator collectors') precious collection. I know it is difficult yet I am sure you will have the same enthusiasm in re-building your collection. I am glad your HP41 system survived. Good luck and if I can be of any help let me know.

For the benefit of HP fans like us it will be helpful if you can immortalise your earlier collection by putting the Norwegian TV programme as a video on the YOU-tube.

Best regards,

Prabhu Bhooplapur


I believe that I bought a copy of a curve fitting publication from you about a year ago. Since combining the AECrom and my NoV-32 setup is going nowhere, I am looking at doing the curve fitting in FOCAL instead. The curve fitting publication was lost in the fire, and I would be very happy if I can buy another one from you (if it was you I bought it from :)


Hi Geir,

Please check your mailbox. Best regards, Prabhu


Hi Geir,

I have no words to say how sorry this makes me feel. As an unvaluable and friendly contributor I've made a great concept of your person.

Don't know if you have a spare HP-41 unit, in case you don't please mail me, I'll be very happy to send you one, in the certainty that it will find a good home and a useful "life".

My sincere condolences for your loss.

Keep in contact.


PS. I lost my plane back home on Monday and arrived yesterday aftenoon, that's why I haven't see this post before.


My primary 41CX was at home when the flames engulfed my collection. My other two 41CXs and my 41C and 41CV are gone. So, I have one unit to build my collection from...

And, The NoV-32 was also at home, safe & sound!


Hi again,

Not much that I can do to relief your sorrow but I'd like you to accept a spare CX, as a contribution for your efforts and continued support on refining NoV's projects.

Please mail me privately to confirm your shipping address.

My very best wishes for a prompt recovery of your bussiness and your activities in the 41 field.

Above all that I congratulate the most for the fact that noone was hurt by that horrible fire.

Cheers from Spain.




You are a true friend.

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