"HP-97" Does TCP/IP!


I thought this would be an interesting feature to add to the HP-97 emulator. Basically it logs certain events to a configurable tcp host and port.
I've included a basic tcp log server as part of the installation, so you can test the feature.

Many scripting languages, perl, ruby, etc. allow you to easily create a process that listens on a tcp port for input. This feature allows you to integrate custom remote processes with the emulator.

The events transmitted are:




Sample output:

More information: http://www.limpidfox.com/hp97help/AdvancedFeatures.html




Just got an opportunity to try out your simulators - but the .NET 3.5 runtime is HUGE.. So I will have to wait a while yet. I don't suppose you can build future versions against something a bit smaller?

Mike T.

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