Upper rubber feet on the HP 35s


Why are they placed on the battery cover?

I'm not happy with this design, HP should have placed the upper rubber feet on the back of the calculator's case to avoid rattles. IIRC on the HP 33s (and other HP calculators) they are placed outside the battery cover.


What does rattle? The batteries inside? The cover? The calculator itself while you are using it?

Mine does not rattle at all...


Mine does. The battery door doesn't fit as tight as it should. Not much of a problem to me, though.


This reminds me that mine was also rattling when I got my 35S. I've solved this by adding a small piece of transparent Scotch tape on the small tab at the bottom of the battery cover to increase it's thickness a little bit. Now the battery cover is perfectly locked in and doesn't rattle anymore.
Simple and cheap fix and I'm fully happy - to a point where I forgot this issue.....
Anyway getting a rattling cover is a bit disappointing on an hp calculator, even with today's low cost production standards.

Edited: 11 Aug 2008, 12:09 p.m.


Right. And thank you for presenting your nice fix, I'll try it. Concerning quality expectations: Keys that click but doesn't register are *really* a problem, and after that has been reported here, I'm so happy with my working 35s keyboard that I don't even think about the battery door being an issue ;-).


So far my keyboard is working fine...


I was referring to the battery cover. It is the only flaw that I've found.

Other than that I'm very pleased with this calculator, my third HP calculator ever (after a HP 31E and a HP 48g).


Despite the shortcomings of this calculator (abundantly documented elsewhere on this forum), I find the physical design of the 35s to be rather well done, albeit in too large a package. Also, Spice series calculators had the upper feet on the battery door. They didn't rattle either.

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