Collecting successes


On a recent trip to Florida I purchased a working HP-45 with an 82002 charger for three dollars. That made a real improvement in my collection since my only other HP-45 had missing segments in the display and an intermittent charger connector.

I also purchased Casio S-1 for a dollar. It's not listed in the Flamm book. It seems to work well but I have been unable to figure out what the switch with the following six positions does:

6 4 3 2 1 0 ADD(2)

Can anyone help?


My first guess would have been that the switch would set the number of decimal places in displayed results, but I imagine you would have already figured that out if that was the actual function.


My first guess would have been that the switch would set the number of decimal places in displayed results...

Many desk calculators worked that way. The "ADD(2)" position allowed you to key in the currency amount without actually typing the decimal, for speed in doing currency calcs. For instance, $ 10.99 would just be entered 1099, and as soon as you hit any operator key, it automatically put in the two decimal places.

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