20b User Guide and Training Modules


I stumbled across an updated User Guide and all of the Training Modules at: commerce.hpcalc.org/20b.php

See bottom of the page for links.


How interesting!


Thanks go out to Gene Wright for all his hard work on the 20b learning modules, and keeping the HP folks from embarassing themselves :-)



Hopefully, I haven't stepped into something?

Did I do wrong by posting this web site? (No, it's not mine - I just found them there.)

Edited: 5 Aug 2008, 8:27 p.m.


Wait. How did he get the training modules? I've been searching for them all over the HP site with no luck...



Ah. I think perhaps you are operating off a false premise...if you examine that last sentence more closely.


I still must be missing it. He doesn't have links to the training modules from the HP site -- he's found the zip file and put it up on his own web site.

Or am I completely clueless? ;-)



Yes, you are -- right and clueless ;)


LOL! Wouldn't be the first time! ;-)


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