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G'day evryone - I am trying to replace my old and faithful HP48GX with decent sized calculator - i am trailling the HP35s as I don't want to have the size of a HP50 and the old HP41CV was able to do all the programmes that a surveyor needs.

My problem is I can't find anywhere that tells you the keystrokes to set/clear flag 10 - when programming I can set flags 1-9 no problem but I can't get it to recognise double digits i.e. keystrokes of
left shift - Flags - 1 (SF) - 10
results in
A028 SF 1
A029 0

rather than
A028 SF 10

If someone can point me in the right direction it would be good.

Also is there a book like William C Wickes - HP48 INSIGHTS (Part 1: Principles & Programming)


try "SF . 0"

The decimal means 10 or higher.

- Pauli


Paul is right.

This "preceding decimal point" method of specifying indices 10-19 for flags and direct-access registers has been employed by HP for many years, going back at least to the HP-34C of 1979. However, it was never used on the higher-end models such as the HP-41, HP-42, and HP-48, since well over 19 of these resources were provided. Instead, the leading zero must be entered for indices less than 10.

-- KS

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