Just picked up a 32S at the swap meet. Looked to be in good condition. However, with new batteries it failed to work. Any thoughts on repairing it? Can the case be opened without any damage?

Thank you.



Try a few things before you ruin the calc by opening it.
1) Short the pos and negative batt leads for a few seconds-- you can use the batteries to accoplish this or other metal object like a coin or key.
2) Since the 32s/ii have no BEEP function, the calc could be on, but display contrast set too low. Hold ON and press the [+] and [-] keys to adjust the screen.
3) Do system reset by holding down ON while pressing the top left and top right buttons.

Try all permutations of 1-3 above before getting out any tools of violence on your swap find.
Rgds, Al


Thank you for your suggestions. So far now luck though.


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