Four completed projects


The HP 15c had bouncing keys and two nonfunctional keys. After a thorough cleaning inside and out with water and alcohol.

I then treated, as a last resort the keys with a mild lemon oil based adhesive remover which I then rinsed with alcohol and can of air which I forced over each pinhole on the reverse side of the keyboard.

This removed all the final residual of what ever it was that stuck up the keyboard. The keys have all got the wonderful dull click of the HP and the keyboard tests passes without any problems. I also removed the scratched laqueur on the bezel and brushed it with pot scrubber. I am currently trying to find a good aluminum/chrome paint for the badge:

HP 71B cleaned keyboard, polished LCD crystal after removing the film that HP had applied to the panel. Removed the severly scratched laqueur on the bezel and then brushed finished with coarse pot scrubber. This one includes the MATH ROM, 64K ROM and card reader as well as HPIL IO:

HP 25c and HP29c. Both had sticky keyboards with bouncy keys and the 25C is missing the silkscreened FIX,SCI,ENG. The HP29C is in pristine condition now with a perfect keyboard. The HP25C rolldown key has a loud click associated with, probably a hairline crack or fatigue on the metal click:

Hope you like them.

Cheers, Geoff


Really good work there! Gorgeous.



Those badges and silver lines on the classics are a pain. Please let us know if you come up with something.

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