Windows installer for Nonpareil nearly ready


I've finally got my build system for Nonpareil to use NSIS to build an installer for Windows. It's not 100% complete, but the hard part is done.

Back in 2005 Christoph Giesselink sent me a .NSI file he'd used to make an installer, and it was a bit fancier than what I have now, in that it allowed selection of specific calculators. However, I really wanted the file lists etc. to come out of my build system, rather than being hard-coded in the NSI file such that I'd have to keep it in sync. I've finally got that working.

The installer puts the DLLs etc. for the necessary subset of GTK and its associated libraries into the install directory, so it won't be necessary to run a separate GTK installer. I don't really understand Windows' algorithms for finding DLLs, so I'm not sure whether there will be any interaction with other GTK-based applications the user might already have installed, such as GIMP or Pidgin (formerly GAIM).

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