HP20B US availability?


Any one knows if is available @ Amazon or other e-retailer? (or expected date)




I ordered from HP's online store July 26 and it has been shipped. $39.99 + $5.25 shipping.



Has anybody seen the 20b or 17bii+ Silver in a real shop already? IF TRUE THEN please name.

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A *real* shop?

We don't have any of those any more. It is a virtual world. :-P


That was what I feared. But I'll try visiting ... um, real California. So, if it's all just a Truman Show, they won't let me in ;)


fear not.

brick-and-mortar shops unlikely to go the way slide rules did :-)


Thanks. So I am calmed ;) Nevertheless, what I still need is such a brick-and-mortar shop selling the models mentioned above. Any directions are appreciated - I will not have the time to check each and every office supplies shop in S.F. bay area.

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FWIW, neither one is found in UC Berkeley Book Store. Nor is a HP35s available there. The HP50g is the newest model on sale :-/

HP, who is responsible for feeding these stores? There is space for improvement!



Now the lineup in stores here is:

HP 33S AR$ 450 equivalent to U$S 150
HP 35S AR$ 500 equivalent to U$S 160
HP 17B silver AR$ 700 equivalent to U$S 230
HP 50G AR$ 1000 equivalent to U$S 330

Conversions between Argentine Peso and U.S. Dollar are approximated, but good enough for this report.

These days I usually question the meaning of more than two significant digits in matters like this...


Yeah, but aren't you guys paying something like $0.12/gallon (USD/USG) for gas? I read in the paper that Argentina has the lowest per-gallon cost for gasoline...

Twelve cents a gallon. Boggles the mind...



Hey, this sounds like a win-win proposition. HP fans in US send HP calculators to HP fans in Argentina, in exchange for gas!


Don, I love your idea, but:

I don't think the US Postal System (and probably not the Argentinian either) likes folks to mail flammable liquid - especially in multi-gallon quantities!


Actually we pay around US$ 3.00 to 3.50 per gallon of regular, unleaded gas, depending on brand and octane number. And salaries here are lower in dollar terms...

And also there are a lot of import taxes, income taxes, whatever taxes and, finally, a 21% value-added-tax just to let you know who are you working for: the national budget, a.k.a. "the real black hole"


FWIW, none of them is found in Stanford University Bookstore. In fact, there are NO scientific HP calculators on sale on the campus where Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard studied. It's a real shame! :( Of course, the store was full of TI :/

BTW, both Staples and Walmart have the 50g on their lists, but neither one has it in store -- virtuality is rising, making it hard to simply walk into a shop to buy such a model and return with it in one's hands. Is this progress?

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Thanks, Allen,

I found CircuitCity yesterday, too. Today, I succeeded in buying a 50g in one of their shops on east bay. You can also touch them at Fry's here. 35s were present in both, too.

However, not a single 17bii+ Silver nor 20b seen so far in any of the brick-and-mortar shops I checked, though only a few miles away from HP HQ. Forget Staples and Walmart. Just visiting this area, web-shops (be it Amazon.com or any other .com) are absolutely no use for me. Sorry, noone will get my dollars for calcs not readily available.


Really, really, late reply, but after starting to use search term "hp 20b" - (whitespace significant), I started getting hits in Amazon, CDW, etc.

Looks like Amazon has them now at USD $39.99. CDW (just for a lark) was selling for USD $65.99!


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