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greetings to all that are hp! here's my scenario...trying to copy a program from an application module into extended memory and then running the program without the module. have worked through the cx manual, to no avail. so far, I have been able to copy the program into main memory, then using "savep" it is sent to extended memory. then, with the module unplugged, I use "getp" to bring the program into main memory, then try running it.....which brings up "nonexistent".....I figure this has something if not everything to do with the program looking for the modules xrom address, so question is, what to do? better yet, is this possible? any help would be appreciated!

keeping the faith, dave


ok----I got it, thanks to the forum and the search for anything in the past eons for "xrom". found the post from Dan Grelinger about the 3 point curve problem on a 42s and took it from there. put the module back in, hooked up the printer, went to the program, executed "prp" and printed out a tape of all 300 steps. then, systematically using the print-out, copied the sub-programs into main memory, pulled the module, substituted the sub programs for the xrom addresses and whamo, we got program with no module. pretty neat! Thanks Dave Hicks for a great forum!


Dave, At least give your solution a meaningful answer for others ...

Some ROM modules contain additional program code to make the main routine work. For example, the Stat Module contained an XROM program that did nothing more that "clean-up" the 26 registers that are used for data storeage. The program was something like:

Incerment value

0 STO into register by increment value


You can only catch these routines if you do what Dave did, list the program for all the routines called. Many are not complicated but take time to identify.



Thanks for the credit :-)

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