HP 48G display comma separator



anyone knows how to make the HP 48G calculator display comma separators like "9,888.25" ? now I can only see 9888.25


hpnut in Malaysia


set the HP48 to FIX number format : RS+CST (MODES) and [+/-] until you see "Fix"; or just type: 2 FIX [ENTER]

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thanks, reth.

I think this procedure is not documented in the HP 48 manuals. am I right or wrong?


Yes it is, in the 48SX two-volume spiral bound set, page 58. I cannot speak for the other manual versions.


Thanks, Martin.

I checked, it is also described in page 4-6 of the HP 48G User's Guide manual. Now I can search the pdf manual, thanks to members Egan and Jonathan.

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