Generic paper in printers and best buys?


I am in the UK. I need some more paper for my 82240b. The best deal for official HP paper that I've found works out at about £2 (~$4) per roll including postage.

However, I've been looking round at more generic options and they are much cheaper but I'm not sure on compatibility.

I think the official size for the HP rolls is 57mm x 40mm. All the generics seem to be 58mm wide. Looking at the 82240b, it looks like there is enough room to accommodate that extra mm but any real-life confirmation of success with 58mm paper would be appreciated.

Also, any UK people know of the best place to buy? I've found some good ones selling packs of 10 or 20 but there might be one dealer who is significantly better.

Finally, I should be getting an HP97 in a couple of weeks but I don't know what size paper that takes. Will that take 58mm x 40mm rolls? If I managed to get other HP printing calcs, will they take 58mm too?

Thanks for any help here, especially to so many questions!



Just as an extra Q. It looks like the 82240b will take at least a 50mm diam roll and enable the lid to close. Is it known what the largest diam you can fit is? Also, the largest diam for the HP97?

Another thank you! :)



I'd have to go back and check the exact model number, but I lately have just purchased paper from staples. As long as it is the same size and type, it's worked beautifully. Never had any problems with jamming, tearing or print out quality.

And...a nine pack of rolls was something like $5.00 USD. ;-)



IMO, buying original HP paper is a complete waste of money as it is so stale it isn't worth putting in the printer. All the common printers (82240,82143,82162,92,97,etc,etc) will function just fine with anything you can buy today in the proper size. Personally, I've never seen 58mm wide paper, everything here is sold as 57mm. So long as the rolls are the correct 26m length, they should fit without issue and work just fine. Early on, I bought some rolls that where the larger diameter by mistake, I just slabbed them off with a razor blade until they fit and while I didn't get my monies worth, they worked fine.

Thermal paper is no big deal and for all intents and purposes, all the same. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise.

PS: the Staples pn that Bruce refers to is 472872.

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I've since found people selling 58mm or 57mm paper so the width isn't the problem now - it is the diameter. Most places don't list the roll length, just the diameter and I'm not sure my maths is up to working out a formula for calculating the length of a roll from diameter! (An approximation should be possible though if I knew the paper thickness).

Anyway, thank you everyone for your help so far. Two questions remain:

1. The max diam for the 82240b and

2. The official roll size specs for an HP97.

If anyone can help on those two I'll be very grateful :)



I'm using calculator thermal paper from Office Max in my HP97. It's standard 2.25" (57mm) wide paper, in 85' rolls (26m). Fits nicely in the HP97.

The original paper (82045A), of which I still have some that works great, was the same width, but in 80' (25m) rolls.

I think you can walk into any office supply store and find thermal paper rolls of these dimension for calculators, but for reference - here's the OfficeMax part - "OM98105".


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