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If anyone knows how to get in contact with Emmanuel and would be so kind to pass on this message to him, I would be very grateful. I am sure he is a great individual, yet I am simply stumped completely at this point. Thanks!


Dear Emmanuel,

Three month ago I bought an item from you and paid you about 750 USD, a very sizable amount for me at least. As of today I have still not received the item. My last 8 emails to you have not been answered. Please contact me and get my item to me at your earliest convenience.

Thank you in advance for your kind yet immediate attention to this matter.




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Hello Peter,

unfortunately, you're not the only one to encounter problems with this person. Just have a look in the archives of this forum and you'll see...

I did have problems myself by buying him an HP-41C a few years ago. I finally received it, but very lately, and he also didn't answer most of my mails.

The only adress I have of him is the following, but perhaps isn't it still available :

Hope this helps. Kind regards.



Hello Peter,

I´m trying to contact with Emmanuel for several weeks and I get no answer. I know he has change his ISP but the last time I have try it via ebay.

I ask Emmanuel for the new e-mail address, but there was no answer.

If you have any notice, please post it!

Thanks and best regards.


Emmanuel site


This person also caused me problems last week on ebay. He bid up my ZEPROM multiple times to disclose the highest bid of another bidder, and then promptly retracted his bid. When I blocked further bids from his account and questioned him on his apparent disregard for ebay policies, (and just good moral behavior) he gave me the excuse that his son was bidding for him and entered a wrong amount and then retracted it without contacting me; however important details of his story did not match with ebay's record of his bidding. When I questioned him about his story's inconsistencies, he became beligerant, claimed I was harassing him, and threatened to file an abuse claim against me with ebay.

Some people have not heard of, or do not believe in, the golden rule. He is permanently blocked from my auctions (kctongo) until he makes the effort to correct the problem he caused or to straighten out any misunderstanding.

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The solution is simple: when you buy anything from him told you will pay him when item received.


The solution is simple: when you buy anything from him told you will pay him when item received.

Have you EVER convinced an ebay seller to do that?


One of several reasons that I won't use PAYPAL (the other being their privacy policy).

If I buy from e-bay I usually only buy from sellers in the same country and only pay by cheque, that way I have a real name and address...

Mike T.


this is all very sad indeed, yet at least I know I am not the only one. My hopes are still up that all will find a good end. Any and all help in terms of reaching out to Emmanuel will be much, much appreciated.

Thanks again

Yours faithfully



Try to watch out his Ebay page, as soon as he puts items in auction, contact him through Ebay messages (asking a question about an item)



I did so and I get.. silence!!
I still haven´t found the way to contact him.
Best regards.


At the minimum, file an eBay SquareTrade complaint against him. Even if you don't get your money back, or your product, they will eventually see a trend and lock him out. It's worked for me in the past, and although I never got my money back, I did have the satisfaction of seeing this (a different) seller booted from eBay.



If you paid thru PayPal, they claim to cover you for upto US$ 2000.00. Is this not true?

I would contact PayPal and tell them that the person has not shipped anything.

I am sure PayPal would have his latest information.


I wanted to help him save money and save the PayPal fees and sent the money via direct bank transfer... I'm simply too trusting...


Well, I'll keep my fingers crossed, but it sounds like there's a lesson to be learned :-/

Good luck!


Three months ago, I sold Emmanuel Compes an HP-HIL interface (after seeing a classified ad on this site, not through Ebay) and I would like to say that the transaction went perfectly well. If it had been an Ebay transaction, my feedback to him would have been very positive.

You may try this address:

Joel Setton


Thank you Joel, I tried this email by now 14 times. No reply. I had a few previous transactions with him that all took rather long, yet nothing compared to the current 3 months. And nothing for such a large amount. As mentioned, I still hope for a good outcome, but at the very least it is very rude to take someones money and then not even reply to multiple, multiple emails and even this public plea for him to contact me. I trusted him.



I also have send him money for some EPROMs one and a half year ago. For more than a year I did not hear from him. In the end of march I managed to recontact him. He told me that he was very ill and hat no time to manage his ebay deals. He promised me to send the paid EPROMS but I still did not get them. In april he contacted me to tell me that the parcel was send back and that he needs to control my postal address. He also said, he would send it again, but as I said, no parcel until now.

I can accept illness for a temporaly pause on ebay, but I can not accept it that Emmanuel starts new auctions while he did not finished old deals. I also try to contact him once in two weeks without success.



This sounds like a really nasty case - my sympathies.

Would you mind explaining briefly what happened please so we don't suffer the same fate if we meet the same person? I assume it was an ebay purchase that went wrong. What name does Emmanuel go under in ebay?

Obviously I hope you get a good outcome but with that sort of money, it must be hurting badly :( Good luck.



I notice his biography [Compes] was updated on this site 3/08, with this record shouldnt some action such as eliminating him from posting on this site be considered?


eliminating him from posting on this site

He then wouldn't even be able to post an answer to this open letter..


True but It would not prevent him from making good on all his transactions as detailed in the above posts plus maybe prevent future problems, Howard


I have not personally had any dealings with this man, but from the stories told, with so many bad deals, he seems like the type that relies entirely on reeling in new unsuspecting customers, with no regard for making amends with old customers.

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