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Can anybody vouch for the turnaround time on the museum DVD orders?

I've left a few notes for the curator with no reply. I'd like to order the DVDs, but with the last website update dated July 2007, and no replies from the curator, I'm wondering if it's safe to order the DVD?


Edited: 22 July 2008, 9:12 p.m.


I received both of mine, versions 5 and 6, on DVD within a week of ordering. Excellent service.


I ordered a few months ago and got mine in a reasonable amount of time, I don't remember exactly how long it took.


Dave is scrupulously honest. If you send him money; he will send you a DVD. He just doesn't answer his email regularly. He's got a, one of those.... I used to have one...... what did i call it? A LIFE!! That was it. Anyway; you know how those dam things get in the way.

Theres two other ways to maybe get one. He has always given out a bunch of them at the HHCs. The one coming up is in Oregon. The other way is to donate a copy of something that the DVD doesn't have for inclusion on the next version. That one is kind of hard if you don't have a recent version to compare though.


Thanks all - good to know!


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