SysRPL question (HP48G-series)



I am just beginning to learn the SysRPL for the 48G and I am reading the "Programming in System RPL by E. Kalinowski 1 ed". In section 4.3 he explains that one can disassembly commands (ok for me with variables and units) but I cannot find any way to disassembly a multiargument command such as STO or TYPE or likewise. When I type STO on the command line and press DIS I get the error-message "STO Error: Too Few Arguments"#

Running a 48 GX with 2 128kb RAM cards and using Jazz 6.8 as per 2001.

Anyone having a clue?

Thanks in advance,

Matti Övermark



I just found out that all I have to do is to put i.e 'SIN(X)' and DIS-assembly it, extract the "xSIN", ASSembly that and then DIS-assembly it.

Cheers from a 24 Centigrade warm North of Sweden. (This year the summer came on a thursday.. :-)


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