HP-41 User's Library Solutions


Going through my library, I came across the following which I don't need any more:

Three vols: High Level Math, Physics and Electrical Engineering, together about 250 pp. All like new.

These I'd like to give away. If interested, please send me your snail mail address. In case of several takers, I'll draw one 'out of a hat'.

John Mosand (Norway)



I´m from Barcelona, SPAIN, I´m interested in the High level Math.

thanks: gonzalo


I´m also from Spain. I´m looking for the Physics Solution book.
My e-mail: ira@claro.jazztel.es
Thanks in advance.

Edited: 21 July 2008, 1:42 p.m.


I am an Electrical Engineer, so I would be interested in ALL. But to be fair since the spanish folks have already asked for the other two, it suffice to get the EE one.

Contact me if this is acceptable.



Virginia, USA

Edited: 26 July 2008, 12:39 p.m.


I sent you a private email the day you posted expressing an interest in these documents. Can you please give us a status as I have not yet heard back from you?



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