HP 20b Operational Items


In my brief fiddling with my new 20b, I have found a few operational items of note:

1. The scroll up and scroll down buttons function as roll up and roll down when performing routine calculations, i.e. not in a menu or other situation where scroll up and scroll down are needed. Roll down is no big deal since the left parenthesis key functions as roll down in RPN mode, but roll up is nice to have as a primary function.

2. Using the back-arrow key to edit a number that is already entered does not really edit the existing value, it creates a new edited number and the original gets pushed up to stack level y.

3. Using CE to clear the x register does not disable stack lift. If you press CE to clear the x register, zero is displayed. If you then enter a new number, the zero is pushed into stack level y, y goes to z, etc. I don’t know if this was intentional or not, but I do think it should be changed in the first rom update so that pressing CE clears the x register and disables stack lift.

Perhaps these are covered in the learning modules, but either they are not up yet or I cannot find them.

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