HP20b Received


Like the subject says, I received my 20b today. Just got the shipping notice yesterday.

First impressions are positive, especially the new easy-open packaging.

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Congratulations, Jeff. Mine is waiting for me on the front steps to my house.


What about the keyboard?


What about the keyboard?

Mushy. Not rubber keys, but no click.

Oooh, lucky! Mine left Indiana yesterday, with a scheduled arrival here in California of Monday. I shall be patient.

What's this about new easy-open packaging? I would be grateful to HP if they've switched. The blister-packs so many companies use lately are a scourge on consumers.


I'd gladly open an old blister package, if I'll find a quality calc therein. So, how's the calculator itself?

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What about the keyboard?

The keys are mushy-ish. No real click. Also make a sort-of scraping sound when pressed. Not bad, will take some getting used to.

What's this about new easy-open packaging?

No more blister pack. The calculator is behind a single layer of plastic which is sandwiched between cardboard around the outside edge. Just slice along the top, and it peels open.


I had a tough time getting the plastic off the display. But then I'm not very smart. They should have a little tab on the plastic sheet that goes past the display so you can easily peel it off.

(It's a static-cling soft plastic sheet with simulated display printed on it.)


I am curious where HP manufactures the 20B.



I am curious where HP manufactures the 20B.



Did you suspect some other location?


Got mine today. They keys are mushy and will take getting use to. But the real question is how accurate is it. I will be testing it over the next few days, but first let me say that I am impressed with the ! key. It actually computes the factorial of a decemimal number! The normal and inverse normal distributions are computed correctly unlike the TI calculators which only compute them accurately to 6 decimal places (I think). Well, that's it for now. Time to play.

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