My 20b has shipped!


My 20b is on its way. I should have it tomorrow (Wednesday), which is my birthday.

Not quite as exciting as when I got my 25C, but then I didn't spend 20% of my net worth on this one. (I was a high school student when I got the 25C.)


Do you receive an email, or did you notice this from the order status page? My order was placed 6/26, but it still shows 7/28 as the expected ship date on the HP order status page.


I got an e-mail from hp with my order information and tracking number. I ordered it on 23-June.


I got an email that my order has shipped also!


Glad your 20b has shipped. Give me an email.



Just got my email, so mine is on the way as well. Guess I need to dig out my JTAG probe and check my ARM toolchain.

Has anyone opened one up yet? Easy or hard? Screws or snaps?


There are three screws on the back, under the battery cover, top right, top left and between the two batteries. The battery cover actually covers about 85% of the back, the batteries are about 60% of the way from the top. I have not removed said screws, don't know if it would then come right apart or if there might be latches or catches involved.


I don't know why they even bother with the screws. I took them out and the case didn't loosen at all. I didn't push too hard anywhere because I have no idea how it's held together. It might just slide apart, similar to the way the back slides on.


Hooray! I just got the notification that mine has shipped as well. I'm looking forward to playing with it when it arrives.



Not quite as exciting as when I got my 25C, but then I didn't spend 20% of my net worth on this one. (I was a high school student when I got the 25C.)

LOL When I bought my HP25 in 1977, the $122 it cost me was about 90% of my net worth. And yes, the two-year buildup of this purchase made it one of the most exciting purchases of my young life. I still have the HP25 and it still works like new.


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